Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Tariq Ali: The Iraqi Resistance: a New Phase: "What we are witnessing in Iraq is the logic of a colonial occupation. Listen to the bells tolling in Fallujah and Basra They toll for those liberal and left-liberal journalists in Italy who denounced the resistance as 'terrorists' when Italian occupation personnel were targeted. They were there for 'humanitarian' purposes we were told. Well the mask is now off and the elected leader of the Italian people has said that Italians in Iraq will fight for Bush and die for Bush and kill for the Empire. " This retort to Martin Kettle in The Guardian
is all the more remarkable for being published at least three days before Martin Kettle's was!

Saturday, April 10, 2004

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Private Eye ::Book Of Sharon

Where would we be without scripture? Welcome return to Private Eye of the Book of Sharon. But it gets better. Hackwatch is a regular feature usually singling out one "journalist" for scrutiny. This edition exposes those journalists who ran with stories (literally) from the so-called Iraqi National Congress. And guess who ran with the most INC planted stories: take a bow, Christopher Hitchens. But wait it gets even better still. You'd expect the Evening Standard to run with INC/CIA planted guff, but one of Hitchens's pieces was in .......(you've guessed already).....The Guardian. What were they thinking of? The worst part of this is that the reason for this appearing now in Private Eye is that the INC have been "justifying" the $4,000,000 per annum they get from the CIA by reference to the false reports they plant in the western media. It has to be admitted, Christopher Hitchens fooled a lot of people. We thought he made up his own lies. Private Eye's a bit skimpy on line so you might want to shell out the £1.30 cover price or steal a copy.